Quality and Reliability

Quality and Reliability

In terms of quality, we adhere to the requirements of ISO 9001 approved by German prestige certification organization TUV.

PESTAN’s strict policy on quality control requires the highest quality of raw material for making ideal piping systems. The quality control starts with the control of raw material.

PESTAN’s suppliers are the highest ranked, worldwide renowned companies, such as Borealis, Solvay, Basel, BASF, among others, that meet all PESTAN’s qualification requirements. Batches of each extruded pipe or molded fittings are systematically tested and examined for dimensional accuracy, appearance, internal pressure tolerances, melt flow, impact resistance, homogeneity of the material and flexibility.

The exceptional performance of PESTAN piping systems has been proved worldwide. PESTAN piping systems have been tested and certified by many national and international organizations, including: DVGW, IHG, VUPS, IMS, SABS, TUV, ICC-ES, and IAPMO. PESTAN supports the quality of its products with a comprehensive warranty. Strict testing procedures and inspections ensure quality and reliability that PESTAN can be proud of.

ISO 9001

Quality Control Procedure Chart