Available connections

Fusion connections

PESTAN piping system uses Heat Fusion process to create the homogeneous connection between pipe and fittings. The connections use no added solders, solvents, glues or similar products. When heat fusing, extra material is collected at the joint which makes the bonding points the strongest point in the system. Heat fusion is a safe and convenient process that can be performed even when the building is fully occupied. The process does not require any burning permits or a fire watch because there is no smoke, fume or off-gassing. Pipes are ready for full pressure shortly after the connection is made. PESTAN Pipes are joined by 2 welding processes:

  • Pipe-to-fitting socket welding (mainly used with 4” or smaller diameters)
  • Pipe-to-pipe butt welding (mainly used for pipes with larger than 4” diameters)

Heat fusion procedure takes patience and accuracy. Pipe and pipe fittings are heated at the same temperature for an exact period of time by pushing both pipe and fitting into a hot iron. After simultaneously heating the pieces, they are removed from the welding head, lined up and pushed together to complete the bond. 

Non-Fusion connections

PESTAN pipes are ideal for new, addition and/or retrofit of the existing systems because of the ability of mechanical connections. For connections to non-fusion parts of the system, such as mechanical equipment, valves, different material piping, pre-fabricated section, etc., PESTAN offers two methods:

  • Using transition fittings made of mold injected polypropylene random with integrated brass or stainless steel threads.
  • Using flange connections, PESTAN pipes require fusion of a polypropylene random flange adapter with the steel ring.

WARNING! Do not use any glues, solvents or open flames for connection of the PESTAN pipes and fittings.