Socket Fusion

Fusion preparation

After finishing the preparation of fusion tools, start preparing pipes and fittings for the welding process. The pipe needs to be cut at desirable length. For more information on cutting methods click here.


MARKING THE PIPE Check the inner pipe walls and its external surface for any damages or imperfections.  Use the marking guide when making socket fusion. This guide is included with the iron and indicates how far the fitting should go into the iron. To mark the appropriate length of the socket connection, installer can use measuring tape or marking guide and mark the appropriate Fusion Stab Depth using the table below.

Heating of pipe and fitting

HEATING OF THE PIPE AND FITTING When creating socket fusions, it is important that both the pipe and the pipe fittings are heated for the same period. As you push both the pipe and the fitting into the iron, use them to apply pressure to one another. If either the pipe or the fitting is heated when the other piece is not, the fusion will not be properly created. Push the pipe into the welding head to the marked point, but do not push further. Simultaneously push the fitting until it reaches the end of the welding head. You do not need to mark the fitting because you can see the end of the welding head clearly. The heating time starts after reaching the Fusion Stab Depth. The following table shows the heating time.

Connecting pipe to the fitting

After removing the pipe and fitting from the welding head as previously described and before you let the heated pipe and fitting touch, line them up. Then insert the end of the pipe up into the fitting  The correct method is to carefully push the pipe into the fitting until the bead on the pipe touches the edge of the fitting. Do this as quickly as possible.



Once the pipe has been inserted into the fitting, you have a few seconds during the Fusion Time to adjust the angle of the pipe up to 10° in order to properly align it with the fitting. Adjust the proper angle during the connection process. 

Upon inserting and correction, keep the pipe and fitting in the final position until joint is cooled.

Cooling of the joint

In the matter of minutes joint can be fully pressurized and be put to operation.  The joint must not be exposed to any stress during the cooling period and do not try to accelerate cooling with water on any other fluid. Cooling period depends on the pipe diameter as shown in the following table.

Following video shows quick presentation of the Socket Fusion using Pestan Pipe and Fitting.

Table below includes all of the Socket Fusion parameters. To zoom in or make Table printable, please click on it.  

Socket Fusion Table