Non Fusion

Non Fusion

For connections to non-fusion parts of the system, such as mechanical equipment, valves, different piping material, pre-fabricated section, etc., PESTAN offers two methods:

Transition fittings

Using transition fittings made of mold injected polypropylene random with integrated brass or stainless steel threads. Since transition fittings already come with threaded metal inserts, it is important to pick correct sizes of the male and female transition fittings from the variety of offerings found in the PESTAN product list. Do not use excessive teflon or other sealants.

Flange connections

Using flange connections, PESTAN pipes require fusion of a polypropylene random flange adapter with the steel ring. Between flanges, PESTAN recommends using full face rubber gaskets or ring gaskets for lower pressure systems. When making the connection using flanges, installers will have a benefit of easy dolt hole alignment, since flange ring is not fixed to the pipe. PESTAN offers variety of Valves up to 2″ size that are installed using fusion connection. For the sizes larger then 2″ or for the valves made by different manufacture, PESTAN recommends using any of above mentioned non-fusion methods.

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