Executive Team



After a 35-year career as a senior executive in the fiercely competitive semiconductor industry, David has had a chance to reflect on the process of starting, building, leading, buying and selling high tech companies. David brings that expertise and experience to the PNA executive team.

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Experienced business professional emphasizing international business, sales, operation, marketing, and business development. Years of experince in the plastic piping materials, standardization and testing of the products. Skilled and knowledgeable with all tools and blueprints related to Plastic Piping material.
Highly customer-centric with excellent relationship building. Strong sales and marketing skills to build new business and cultivate existing customer relationships.

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MS in Structural Engineering, extensive real estate development, management of public and private construction projects as well as running privately owned companies helped Marko implement creative and innovative solutions to piping industry while organizing production, sales, training and customer services to support his vision. 

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