Chemical Resistance

Chemical Resistance WarningTo view or to download Chemical Resistance Chart by our resin supplier, Borealis, please click here.

PP-R and PP-RCT is resistant to many chemical substances and therefore sustainable for special applications, including hydrolysis (below is the table of polypropylene random resistivity only). Although PP-R and PP-RCT material resistance includes wide variety of chemicals, it is very important to select appropriate “transition” fittings (fittings with metal inserts).  When designing the system with special requirements, please consult with the PESTAN technical support staff.

Chemical Resistance Chart Chemical Resistance Chart

Chemical Resistance Chart  

WARNING! Liquids that can NOT be transported using PESTAN pipes:

Chemical Resistance Warning Aqua regia / acid regia, aliphatic hydrocarbon , benzene, bromine water, liquid bromine, butyl acetate, camphor oil, chloroform, chlorsulphonic acid , cyclohexanone, decaling , ethyl acetate, ethyl chloride, heptanes, isooctane, nitric acid, methyl bromide, oleic acid, oleum, paraffin oil, sulphuric acid, tetrahydrofuran, tetrahydronaphtalene , toluene (Toulon C6H5CH3), trichloroethylene, terpentine, xylene.