Reliability and Longevity

PESTAN understands the importance of Contractors working with reliable plumbing and mechanical systems. That is why we have combined a long lasting material, PP-R and PP-RCT, and dependable connection method, heat fusion, to create a quality piping system suitable for any project. Connecting the joints with heat fusion makes homogeneous system free of traditional, weaknesses of the system.  Extra material is collected at the joint during heat fusion. The extra material makes the bonding point the strongest point in the system that does not require maintenance.

PESTAN’s PP-R and PP-RCT systems are made of long lasting material, with a projected lifespan of 50+ years. Harsh environmental factors such as, vibrations from mechanical equipment, external impact, low or high temperatures will not compromise the integrity and longevity of the system.

PESTAN supports the quality of its products with a comprehensive warranty. Strict testing procedures and inspections ensure quality and reliability that PESTAN can be proud of.

Reliability Longevity