Installations in plenum

PP-R(CT) is classified as normal combustible material. Under burning conditions, PP-R(CT) turns into CO2 and water vapor only. There is no emission of toxic fumes, elements or VOC’s when burning or heating the PESTAN pipes and fittings. PP-R(CT) do not emit toxic material, when installed in the plenums or any other applications where the code requires the pipe to meet an FSI of 25 and SDI of 50. It is required to be wrapped in the special ASTM E84 or CAN/ULC S-102.2 approved material that would keep the smoke to the appropriate Flame Spread Index of 25 or less and Smoke Development Index of 50 or less.

There are many E84 rated insulations that could be used for dual purposed of meeting necessary R values and flame and smoke requirements. Pestan recommends following insulation manufacturers, which have Thermal Conductivity K-Value @ 75 °F = 0.23°F:

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