The main concern of engineers is safety. There are many stages that piping will go through in its lifetime; starting from shipping and handling to installation, operation and maintenance and finally, disposal. In each category, PESTAN pipe has advantages that give piece of mind to Engineers. PESTAN pipes are light and easy to handle which makes them safer when transporting or installing, do not acquire maintenance and when disposed, they are 100% recyclable.

Light weight also means less stress on the hangers and building itself.

VOC’s or any other harmful fumes and substances are eliminated during the fabrication of the system.  Typically, the environment can become extremely dangerous and can result in physical harm or, in some cases even death might happen, when plastic material is heated or combusted. However, PESTAN piping systems are made of polypropylene and additives that contain no harmful elements that can be otherwise found in plastics. The pipes will only produce H2O vapor and CO2 gas in the event of combustion. PP-R and PP-RCT will not be affected or leach into the water nor will be affected during its service life.

PESTAN PP-R and PP-RCT pipes and fittings leave no foreign substance or ions in the tap water because they do not leach any chemicals nor react with the water. The tap water keeps the same superior quality as it had before leaving the source, enabling building owners to install filtered drinking water systems at the source of the building and enjoy premium water quality throughout entire premises.

Under external impact, PP-R and PP-RCT enable PESTAN piping systems to remain invulnerable. The material allows flexibility and resilience in the pipes to endure abrasive impact without damage. Pipes will only flatten and split at breaking point, ensuring safety in high risk applications.