Labor and material saving


PESTAN understands that competitive labor prices are a driving force in the construction industry. PESTAN helps contractors facilitate this mutual understanding by creating a product with the utmost efficiency.  PESTAN systems are assembled using heat fusion, a process used to join pipes and fittings by heating the materials and inserting them together, resulting in an ideal bond every time. This technique can save about 50% of labor time compared to traditional welding and soldering. PESTAN pipes are easy to handle, weighing up to 80% less than other metal pipes and enabling faster installation as well as allowing easy positioning, unpacking and shipping.

Heat fusion makes homogeneous bonds making the entire piping system uniform, with the same properties at any point.  Having such a unique advantage, PESTAN PP-R and PP-RCT pipes and fittings are ideal for prefabrication and transport without risking joints to cracks or leaks. Such an advantage also contributes to ability to work in controlled environments without effect of the external environment.

Additionally, branch lines can be easily added because of the ability to use saddle joints when the mains are already set. Advantages are shown by the ability of replacing two connections with one. One connection uses less material and, more impressively, makes a connection with a lower pressure drop compared with a traditional Tee fitting.

PESTAN PP-R and PP-RCT pipes are 6-8 time lighter than traditional metal piping systems maximizing installer’s productivity, especially when handling suspended systems.


PESTAN pipes are not only affordable but remain stable, unlike costly metal products which increase drastically without warning. Stable pricing of Polypropylene allows contractors to place bids in advance without a dramatic price difference at the future date of a project.