Tools and accessories


Fusion Tools

For connection of the PESTAN PP-R and PP-RCT use PESTAN approved fusion tools from the list below:




Availability of the tools for rent or purchase depends on the geographical region. For more information please contact local representative.  

Drilling for outlets

Drill Bit for PPRDrilling for the outlets requires special bore, designed to take out all the material during the boring process, so no material ends up clogging the piping system. The bids for making the drill holes offered by PESTAN make adequate and precise holes. When the bits are larger than 2” drill press is required. When bids produced by other companies are used, it is important to have them between 1mm and 3mm smaller than the branch size.


Make sure there are no damages on pipe ends before cutting. Free the pipe of any damage before the welding itself. Only use appropriate equipment such as:

  • CUTTERS AND CUTTINGPointed sharp ratchet cutters to avoid curbs or edges at the pipe ends.
  • Use hand wheel cutters for larger diameter pipes.
  • Hacksaws are a safe alternative, even in cold weather.
  • Band and reciprocating saws are safe to use. The thinner blades leave a smooth cut, but you will also have some shavings.
  • If handsaw or table saw is used with a circular blade, use only plastic safe saw or 60-100T blade for hardwood with carbide teeth can be used. Using referred blade for most of the time will produce a clean cut that does not require additional clean-up.

Note:   Do not use circular saws if environment temperatures are less than 40˚F. When cutting pipe use supports for the loose ends of the pipe.