pestan ownersWith our state-of-art technology and expertise, PESTAN is taking the leadership role in the production of polypropylene random products. Across the globe, building owners and developers trust PESTAN piping systems in their installations. At the request of owners, engineers and contractors are using PESTAN because of the guaranteed quality, reliability and valued engineering brought to any project, back up with one of the strongest warranty in the industry.

As a building owner or developer, you want a reliable system and economically efficient that provides safety and comfort of the occupants.

PESTAN pipes and fittings require low cost maintenance because the connections are not prone to gasket leaking or weakening over time. PESTAN systems are assembled using heat fusion, a process used to join pipes and fittings by heating the materials and inserting them together, resulting in an ideal bond every time. This technique can save up to 50% of labor time compared to traditional welding and soldering.

Furthermore, PESTAN pipes do not require any chemical treatment to prevent corrosion and settlement accumulation.A maintenance free piping system will not only bring value to a building project, but comfort and peace of mind.