Bringing the highest quality product and service has been a prime concern and pride of PESTAN, confirmed by ISO 9001 certification. Our quality control procedure follows ASTM standards and begins at the production facility of the raw material suppliers and continues at our internal laboratory and test facility and ends with an independent third party accredited laboratories. That is why PESTAN is confident to offer for all properly installed systems a 10-year warranty which includes product replacement, incidental damages and property damages. The PESTAN warranty covers losses caused by material failure from manufacture defects. It is valid for properly installed systems by PESTAN certified installers and for installations where successfully conducted and recorded pressure test form has been submitted.

PESTAN warranty does not extend to:

  • coverage of improper installation
  • improper installation of transition fittings
  • installation of damaged pipes or fittings
  • loss time due to poor planing
  • when improper tools are used
  • products that have been subjected to modification
  • misuse
  • consequential damages
  • misapplication, improper maintenance or repair
  • damage caused by the failure or negligence of anyone other than Pestan
  • or any other act or event beyond the control of Pestan

Quality Control Process Chart

Pressure Test Form