A primary concern of building owners and developers is the well-being of the buildings occupants. It is important that the pipes from which the occupants receive their drinking water are free of hazardous materials. PESTAN pipes are composed 100% non toxic mix of PP-R or PP-RCT material and 3% of additional additives. PESTAN’s special recipe has been tested under highest safety testing standards.

GREENLight transmission through PP-R and PP-RCT is less than 0.2%, creating a non-conducive environment for the growth of algae and microorganisms. This is especially important for the potable water systems and installation of piping in health care institutions.

Pressure billow and water flow noise are also weakened by PP-R and PP-RCT Material. Due to the integrated natural sound insulation, PESTAN pipes enhance the quality of living for the building inhabitants.


PP-R material is 100% recyclable material and does not contain any toxic material.

It takes less energy to produce and run PP-R systems when compared to traditional piping systems and longevity of the system is designed to last 3 to 4 times longer, resulting in less possible waist.