Health and safety

PESTAN pipes are made of raw materials produced by renowned world manufacturers that follow all international quality norms and requirements. Compliance with standards at international level makes PP-R and PP-RCT suitable for drinking water supply and food applications.

Our pipes are highly resistant to mucus and other microorganisms growth on the inside walls and fittings due to the low roughness coefficient and opacity. PP-R and PP-RCT also meet the requirements of the International Medical Organization.

PESTAN PP-R and PP-RCT pipes and fittings leave no foreign substance or ions in the tap water because they do not leach chemicals nor react with the water. The tap water keeps the same superior quality as it had before leaving the source, enabling building owners to install filtered drinking water systems at the source of the building and enjoy premium water quality throughout entire premises.

Many people may be concerned about the toxicity of a pipe in an instance of combustion. Typically when plastics are combusted, the environment can become extremely dangerous and can result in physical harm or, in some cases, death. PESTAN piping systems are made from 97% high quality polypropylene and 3% of non-toxic additive mix which contains no harmful chemicals and when caught in fire, PESTAN pipes will only generate H2O vapor and CO2 gas.