Green and energy saving

Building owners and developers are constantly under pressure to build environmentally friendly projects. The extended service life, 100% recyclability and advanced performance of PESTAN pipes create less of an environmental impact and promote environmental awareness. Our pipes take less energy to produce, install and run.

Elimination of Heavy Metal, Toxic Fumes and Substance

Unlike typical systems, the natural composition of Polypropylene is 100% non-toxic when broken down, eliminating hazardous chemicals from the piping system. The use of PESTAN pipes reduces the amount of heavy metals and elimination of PVCs, VOCs or similarly hazardous materials.

Energy reduction is the most effective way of making environmentally friendly systems

Natural resistance to heat transfer makes PP-R and PP-RCT a smarter choice than traditional metals. Heat loss or heat gain can be reduced by as much as 50% if bare metal pipe is upgraded to bare PESTAN pipe. In addition, when PESTAN pipes are used in chill water lines, pipes do not sweat in most of the environments. If there is a need for insulation, both space and material can be saved. Less insulation makes our piping system operational at an equal or more efficient level than other metal systems under the same code.

Over the time, our pipes will not require additional energy of the pumps. The possibility of calcium or other settlements sticking to the inner pipe walls is eliminated, dramatically improving energy savings and system efficiency in the long run.


Material can be processed several times without changing molecular structure and without deterioration of physical and chemical characteristics. Thermo-mechanical properties are preserved as well.