Hirro Original irrigation tapes are designed for one season closely spaced plants. Hirro’s unique labyrinth and double filtration filter points prevent clogging and delivers uniform watering to each plant. Its superior technology saves on water, labor and protects farmers investment by precise watering/fertilizing, by preventing plant diseases and by the reduction of the weeds.  All Hirro Original irrigation tapes come with inner diameter of 5/8″ (16mm) and with seamless wall extrusion thickness of 6mil, making it suitable for many soil types. 

One of the greatest advantages of the Hirro Original is the unique labyrinth system extruded inside of the tape, providing greater reliability and more uniform water discharge compared to other irrigation tapes on the market. Hirro’s labyrinths design optimizes turbulences and velocity resulting in accurate discharge of each emitter.

Emitter design prevents the clogging, help regulate flow output and prevent root intrusion . Based on crop need choose emitter spacing from: 4″, 6″ , 8″ or 12″ – no extra cost!

All of the technology and design that goes into the Hirro Original irrigation tapes, makes it ideal solution for the flat and hilly terrains, long and short runs and most importantly it allows full control of water output by simply increasing or decreasing operating pressure, without sacrificing the uniformity!!!