Charter Plastics / CT Piping Solutions

PESTAN’s production facilities are located in Central Europe on the banks of the Pestan River. To preserve and protect this environment, we developed and implemented an environmental management system which is certified to ISO 14001. The guiding principals of this environmental protection management system are deeply rooted in all of PESTAN’s operations.

Innovation is at the core of PESTAN’s ideology and is apparent throughout every phase of the operation. In addition to the environmental management system, the PESTAN team utilizes technologically advanced compounding, extrusion, injection molding and testing equipment to produce piping systems that are used throughout the world. As the industry leader, PESTAN pipes set the standard for quality and performance. Now, PESTAN products are available through our North American partner, CT Piping Solutions, Inc.

Based in Titusville, PA, CT Piping Solutions is affiliated with Charter Plastics, Inc., a 28 year leader in the PE pipe market. CT Piping Solutions and Charter Plastics share the same core values of Quality, Customer Service, Integrity and Innovation. At CT, our focus is to provide premium quality PP-R and PP-RCT piping solutions which is why we partnered with PESTAN. We stock an extensive inventory of polypropylene products in our Distribution Center for prompt, on-time deliveries. In addition, we offer fusion training as well as customer service and technical support.

Photos: USA Warehouse with intensive stock for product availability