Founded in 1989, PESTAN has been producing the most advanced plastic pipe systems made of PVC, polypropylene (PP) and polyethylene (PE). As the leader in innovation of piping systems, we are also the leader in achieving the highest, most notably ISO, standards. Such standards are used by our organization for designing and implementing an environmentally friendly management system of high quality production.

PESTAN takes great pride in being a privately held company, employing 750 people locally and 200 worldwide. Currently, we produce 250 tons of plastics per day, of which we supply 5,000 distribution centers in 50 different countries. For European market, PESTAN is using in-house logistics and our own transportation fleet. Thus, we are always able to meet the requirements of our customers worldwide.

Now, PESTAN products are available through our North American partner, CT Piping Solutions, Inc.

Based in Titusville, PA, CT Piping Solutions is affiliated with Charter Plastics, Inc., a 28 year leader in the PE pipe market and product innovation. CT Piping Solutions and Charter Plastics share the same core values of Quality, Customer Service, Integrity and Innovation.  At CT, our focus is to provide premium quality PP-R and PP-RCT piping solutions which is why we partnered with PESTAN. We stock an extensive inventory of polypropylene products in our Distribution Center for prompt, on-time deliveries. In addition, we offer fusion training, customer and technical support.

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